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5 Simple Shifts Successful Career Women Make To Find Healthy Partnerships With Quality Men Who Will Love, Value & Adore Them

(even if they dated the wrong men or had failed relationships in the past)


Presented By: Hilary Silver

Relationship & intimacy expert, helping high performing women across the globe successfully find lasting love with authenticity and credibility.

*********************** “In January, I married the wonderful husband cooking dinner beside me. Your help in getting me here was instrumental. Through you, I learned to trust myself, be authentic and bring the whole me to the table.” -Lindsey  

Say "GOODBYE" To Dead End Dating & Relationship Disappointment Forever: In this training you'll discover:

  • A simple 5 step game plan for having a quality relationship-ready man see you, love you and value you so you can enjoy true companionship and partnership without wasting any more of your precious time and energy.

  • The unconscious and destructive mistakes successful and accomplished women make that scare away the RIGHT men and instead attract the players, fixer-uppers or unavailable men.

  • The #1 Secret (No One Else Even Knows To Be Talking About) That Absolutely MUST HAPPEN To Turn A First Date Into A Second... And Into A Long Term Relationship.

  • The absolute necessity for having a fulfilling and successful career AND also have a strong healthy man to share your life with and to go home to at the end of the day who is excited to see you.

  • How my clients find healthy, loving relationships without all the drama, anxiety, mind-reading, over-analyzing or self doubt (even if they've picked the wrong men in the past).

  • And... how to do all of this while being completely authentic and true to yourself instead of working so hard to 'get the guy.'

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