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  • Do you have old patterns or habits that are holding you back?

  • Do you want relationships that fill you up rather than drain you?

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Life Strategist


Empowerment Coach

Don't Settle For A Life You Don't Love...

Hi! I'm Erin

I help people discover what is stopping them from living the life they truly want. Who deep down feel like they are not good enough. They people please, procrastinate or go through life numb or at best disappointed.

  • If you want to break free from old patterns that are holding you back.

  • If you want healthier and more rewarding relationships.

  • If you want to discover what stops you from reaching your goals.

  • If you want to find more meaning and fulfillment in your life.

  • If you want you to live a life that you're excited about.

Join me each week as I share insight, tips, and advice on all things related to building and living YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST LIFE!


Get the New episodes when they drop every Tuesday at 7 am EST (that's NYC time).


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Ducks Over the Lake

The Take Back Your Life Project


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Listen to a new episode every Tuesday at 7 am EST

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