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What would your life look like if you were less stressed, more confident, and more authentic?

HOW do you: Reduce stress, build self-confidence, have a great marriage, get that promotion, start a business, find the perfect mate, plan the perfect wedding, raise self-confident kids, (Or anything else, for that matter)?

You DON’T... If You Don’t Have Healthy BOUNDARIES!


What would it feel like to be brave enough to make your needs, feelings, and values a priority? 


What if you didn't define your choices based on how other people feel about those choices?


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  • You worry all the time about what others think.

  • You want to improve your relationships.

  • You feel unhappy or stuck.

  • You often ask yourself “Is this all there is?”.

  • You feel like your life has passed you by and you haven't achieved what you had hoped to.

  • You look at other people who seem happy and wonder where you went wrong.

  • You feel like something is holding you back from being more authentic and reaching your dreams and goals.

  • You have trouble reassessing life goals and developing and plan to achieve those goals in a timely manner.

  • You have difficulty asserting yourself or avoid conflict.

  • You have difficulty dealing with stressful situations.

  • You struggle with prioritizing.

  • You are a worrier and prefer avoiding uncertain outcomes.

  • You need to reduce stress and increase productivity.

  • You give to everyone but yourself.

  •  You say YES more often than you truly want to.

  • Procrastination has become a way of life.

  • You feel like asking for help seems selfish.

  • You feel burnt out or filled with stress and anxiety.

  • You want to feel more confident.

  • You often feel overwhelmed.

  • You second guess yourself often.

  • You have toxic people in your life who are negative.

  • Your emotions often take over.

  • You find yourself making excuses for unmet goals or for other people's behavior?

If you can relate to any of these, the way out is to set some BOUNDARIES

My NEW Book Are You My Boundary can help!

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Do you ever feel like everyone else is happy but you struggle? If so, I have great news: You can take back your power.

As the founder of The Take Back Your Life Project, I would like to share with you my tips in what I hope is a challenging and inspiring new book and accompanying workbook/Journal. In Are You My Boundary I reveal the truth behind why we people-pleasers struggle with the disease to please. Why we care so much about what people think. And why we hold back from living our best life. I help identify the lies that prevent you from reaching your full potential and having great relationships along the way.


In Are You My Boundary I use personal stories and hopefully relatable humor to share the painful reality that once left me feeling unappreciated stressed out and even unworthy. I outline the specific simple daily strategies that helped me build my confidence, heal my relationships, and take back the power to design my best life. I will encourage you, inspire you, and make you laugh, and I will definitely hold your feet to the fire when necessary. All to remind you to stick to your goals of having healthier relationships, more confidence, and a bigger vision for your future.

With bold truth and decisive conviction, Are You My Boundary shows you how to live your best life--how to ditch the guilt and have reciprocal, fulfilling relationships along the way.

Women are always telling me that the biggest obstacle they face, on a daily basis with regard to reaching their potential and being all that they were created to be is themselves.  They just don't know why or how to fix it.

As women, we long to succeed, and yet we can't seem to silence the voice inside us that whispers, "You are not ENOUGH." Are You My Boundary explores not only the real reasons behind why we struggle with self-doubt, self-esteem, and confidence issues, but it also digs into why we tolerate our lives rather than intentionally building them.  I also show you how to break the cycle of guilt and shame finally build a life that excites you. 

So whether you have struggled for years with self-esteem or self-confidence issues or simply want to improve your ability to show up for yourself in your own life, Are You My Boundary will inspire, encourage, and most importantly give you the tools you need to stop holding yourself back and start living with intention, conviction, and joy.



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ARE YOU MY BOUNDARY workbook/Journal is the self-help workbook/Journal for people who are tired of living a life motivated by what other people think.


In this refreshingly honest and entertaining how-to guide, Life Strategist and Success Coach Erin Ortiqeaux shares her proven strategies, practical, intuitive exercises, inspiring stories, brutal truths, and easy daily practices to help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE. You will:

  • Identify the self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back.

  • Reduce stress and find YOUR secret to happiness.

  • Achieve your goals reliably.

  • Have reciprocal relationships that leave you feeling like you are ENOUGH.

  • Build your self-confidence.

  • Break free from your fears.

  • Live authentically without apologies.

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This workbook/journal uses surprising strategies, daily practices, and revelations to help you overcome self-doubt and transform the way you live using BOUNDARIES!

BOUNDARIES give you...


If you are ready to love your life... Look no further.

You have probably been thinking about making a change for a long time, but you just didn't know-how. I'm so glad you landed in my backyard because I can help.

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 Take Back Control Of


DON'T MISS OUT! Get notified when ARE YOU MY BOUNDARY is released!
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"Your young self told you a lie, and you still believe it's true!"


And that lie has likely led to you worrying more than you should about what other people think, procrastinating, making excuses, or self-sabotaging your goals, and maybe even putting up with relationships that drain you.

 “Give me a problem, any problem, and I will show you 
how the root of that problem is boundaries.”


Are You My Boundary both the book and the workbook/journal by Erin Ortiqeaux can help clear the fog. The two books combined are all that you need to start taking back your life and healing your relationships. Not to mention building your confidence and reducing your stress.

Erin is a recovering people pleaser who had no clue she had boundary issues. Because of her unique life experiences, Erin has first-hand knowledge, decades of specialized training combined with a unique perspective that she shares in her new book Are You My Boundary.


Guess what? Not all boundary struggles look the same. Sure, most people with boundary struggles have trouble asserting themselves or standing up for their beliefs without losing their temper or allowing their emotions to run the show. But even people who are hugely successful, seemingly confident, highly respected, and admired can have boundary troubles and not even know it.


In AYMB, Erin digs deep into the hows and whys of boundary struggles so you can do more than learn to say NO. Anyone can grin and bear it and say NO, even as their lives are filled with guilt, fear, insecurity, and uncertainty. But with the right tools, a little patience, some intentional introspection, and some good ole fashioned tenacity, you can set healthy boundaries that leave you feeling heard, valued, and appreciated; you can also leave the guilt at the door.


Boundaries remove the barriers that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. Boundaries heal your relationships as they heal old wounds. With boundaries, you can create space for authenticity, self-acceptance, and deeper, more intentional connections. 


"I remember the day that I learned that I could do hard things. Not normal childhood hard things like learning to ride a bike or trying out for cheerleading, or making new friends. But ridiculously outside of my comfort zone, scary, hard things." 

"I don’t know the facts behind the stories you've endured. But I do know that the meaning you assigned to your stories is likely skewed because of your young minds’ inability to discern the truth. I also know that the meaning you assigned to your stories is probably not leaning towards your intention of happiness either."

To understand boundaries, one needs to know ONE thing...It is all about acceptance.

How one pursues acceptance and ultimately love is determined by a decision. A decision to allow their stories to define their choices. Or a decision to require their choices to write their stories.


Erin uses her own life experiences to connect with you and your boundary struggles. She uses humor, and some tough love to help you find what you have been searching for. Understanding. Acceptance. And the tools to build a better life. The life you truly dream of, rather than the one you tolerate day by day. That life is just a decision away, and AYMB can help you reach that decision.