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What Lies Are You Telling Yourself Today? #012

Searching for success and happiness?

On today’s podcast episode we are talking about The Lies You Tell Yourself.

That little nagging negative voice we hear any time we dare to step outside of our norms. Outside of our comfort zone. Any time we do the most human things we do, think, dream or plan.

That little voice that can, and often does, call the shots in our lives, preventing us from reaching our true potential and living a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

We’ve all heard it before right?Just ignore that lying negative little voice in our heads that prevents us from chasing a dream, from taking a risk, from believing in ourselves. And yet, for some stupid reason we still listen to the little liar in our heads.

When it comes to revealing and more importantly understanding our lies we have to familiarize ourselves with the emotions that we feel most often. Are we excited more often than nervous? Are we curious more often than suspicious? Are we happy more often than sad? Do we allow negative emotions to drive our choices and run our days or do we insist the glass is half full?

There’s a story in your past that likely defines whether or not you live with a positive energy, guided by positive emotions or negative ones. Do you know your story? More importantly, do you accept it or is it time to dissect it and reveal the truth?

Every time we discover the truth behind a lie that we’ve believed or have been told about ourselves we’re faced with a choice. A choice to continue to perpetuate the lie or to confront it and choose to believe in ourselves.

But we all know it's not that easy.

If it was that easy to just ignore that negative voice we wouldn't need to have these conversations.

That negative little voice is powerful, bold, and very convincing.

The good news is the lies only work if we aren’t paying attention. If other mechanisms are in place to ensure the lie passes with through with flying colors. Un-scrupulized.

Maybe it tells you the lie that you aren’t smart enough because you failed 2nd grade, or that you’re not skinny enough because your grandmother had a big butt not because you secretly ate cookies for breakfast for 2 years. That if you take on a risk you will fail because you've failed before. Maybe it tells you that your relationships aren't making you happy because you deserve to be unhappy.

Or that your marriage isn’t what you want it to be because your spouse just doesn’t care, or that your kids drive you crazy because they have bad influences, or that you really want to achieve a specific goal but there just isn’t enough time or money to do it.

The lie that you aren’t happy and it’s something or someone else’s fault.

We're all familiar with the little liar in our heads. Right?

I know how painful it can be to dig into who we really are. The conversations we have with ourselves. To own our own bullshit. It means understanding why we tell ourselves those lies in the first place. It means getting real with what we truly want and if we’re really willing to go after it.

It means owning our excuses. Facing our fears. Understanding our secrets. But I honestly believe that you can rebuild your life, just like I, and all of my clients have, by taking this first step and asking yourself one simple question: “What am I lying to myself about today?”

The Biggest Takeaways from this Episode:

  • The negative voice in our heads is almost always lying.

  • Where the lies come from and why we have them.

  • The effects the lies have on our goals and relationships.

  • The biggest mistakes people make with regard to listening to the lies.

  • The role that fear plays behind the lies and how we can overcome it.

  • Actionable tips you can use TODAY to start changing that voice into one that is productive and helpful.

  • How to gauge whether or not you are listening to the lies.

  • Why we think we are more authentic by repeating the lies.

  • How to understand the role your background and history play a role in your relationship with lies.

  • How we can put a stop to the lies once and for all.

  • The role memories play with regard to the lies we tell ourselves and others.

  • Tips you can use to help you learn to manage that inner voice, understand it's role and use it in ways that help you reach your goals and grow your relationships.

Think about each area of your life, your friendships, career, spiritual, health and wellness, community, family, love, personal development, of all the areas of your life, which are the happiest in? Which area, not so much? Which do you work on the most? Which area are you the most confident? Which do you avoid? Which ones are filled with lies you’ve told yourself?

Are the lies you’re telling yourself holding you back from living the life you truly want? From having the relationships you could have? Are the lies keeping you from dreaming and planning something great in your life or something new in your life?

The lies we tell at this stage of the game have real and lasting consequences. Not just to our relationships, our goals, our integrity. But to our legacies.

We’re teaching the world who we are by lying to ourselves and allowing those lies to dictate our lives.

Lies have consequences. Even tiny little lies we tell ourselves. They build up into bigger lies. They prevent us from living authentically. From being real. Flawed and all.

I say own your flaws. Toss out your lies. Find the real you behind a lifetime of crap that you’ve told yourself.

I believe in you. I believe in your dreams. Yes, It stings, sometimes even hurts, but it’s revealing to tell the truth to ourselves. It reveals our pasts, our present and our futures.

The question is, are you gonna keep doing the same ole same ole, because the lies and negative emotions are in charge, or are you gonna call it what it is and take back your life?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

I hope you find this episode packed with value and resources that will help you as you do the hard work to build the life you deserve!

Wishing you all the best in your journey to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!!

A Little Note From Me

Thank you so very much for tuning into the show!

I know there are a TON of podcasts you could be listening to today, but you chose mine and I am forever grateful for that!

I’d love for you to subscribe to my podcast! I don’t want you to miss an episode. I’m going to be including a series of episodes to the mix that are slam dunks to help you get the most traction in your life and if you’re not subscribed there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on those. Click here to subscribe in iTunes!

Now if you are feeling extra contributory, I would be really grateful if you could leave me a review over on iTunes too. Those reviews not only help other people find my podcast, they also give me great feedback as to what you like, don't like and what you would like to hear about on the podcast. They also let me know you are getting value and enjoying the podcast, which is my goal each week. Let me know your favorite topics I discuss on the podcast. Thanks so much!

Your review is not only paramount in helping others discover the show, but I also read each and every submission personally...and they mean the world to me.

So thank you in advance!

Finally, do you have questions about today’s episode or have suggestions for something you would like me to talk about on the podcast?

Drop me an email at and let me know.

That’s the best way for me to help clear up any confusion or answer any questions and to ensure I am incorporating everything you need to help you bridge the gap from where you are and where you want to be and start the process towards taking back your life!!



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