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Better Boundaries For A Better Business #009

Searching for success and happiness?

Today’s podcast episode is part #5 in our series on Better Boundaries For a Better Life.

This episode is a follow up on my series around boundaries but on this episode I am specifically speaking to business owners, large and small.

Over the years, I have seen so many business owners who face one kind of struggle or another inside their business, from financial problems to time management to staffing issues and more.

What they don’t know, and what I am going to talk to about today is that boundaries, or the lack of them, play a role in most if not all of the struggles business owners have, or could have down the line.

So if you are a long time business owner or a brand new entrepreneur, or if you’re thinking of starting a business, this episode is for you.


The best way I can describe boundaries is to say they are like lines in the sand as to what you will do or won’t do in your business. What you will tolerate, and what you won’t.

For me, personally, as a recovering people pleaser, I struggled with boundaries in my personal life for years, so when I first became an entrepreneur I had to really sit down and picture what I wanted my businesses to look like. What I wanted to do personally and what I knew I did not want to do. What I was ok with, and what I was not ok with.

Some business owners find themselves with boundaries issues and they may not even know it.

Maybe it's a client that is disrespectful of your time or efforts or is rude or demanding or impatient.

Maybe it's an employee who takes advantage by showing up late, taking too long on tasks, constantly taking time off, is not a team player or brings drama to work.

Maybe it's a vendor that is unreliable or inconsistent or does shoddy work.

Maybe it's a client or customer that takes advantage of or is disrespectful of your team.

Maybe it's a client or customer taking advantage of your return/refund policy.

Maybe it's family members or friends that don't treat your business the way you would like them too.

Maybe it's unclear goals or expectations.

There are any number of small, seemingly insignificant issues that revolve around boundaries that we as business owners have to deal with every single day.

It can be really easy to "let it slide" this once to avoid the drama or difficult conversation.

The problem is, it's never just once. It always snowballs. Maybe not with that one person, but SOMEONE IS WATCHING. Someone will see the example you set.