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Better Boundaries For A Better Life Pt.#4 #008

Searching for success and happiness?

Today’s podcast episode is part #4 in our series on Better Boundaries For a Better Life.

Today's episode I'll give you some examples of healthy and not so healthy boundaries and how they work, or don't work in your day to day life.

Now that we have gone over ideas on how boundaries could change things dramatically in your life let’s explore the question: Why is now the best time to start taking action and setting new healthy boundaries in your life? You could wait a week, a month, even a year and continue to live your life exactly as you are right now, which if you’re honest with yourself is probably not too shabby or uncomfortable or you would’ve already made these changes long ago. But will you be living YOUR LIFE ON YOUR TERMS or just going with the flow indefinitely?


There is no better time than NOW to take back control of YOUR life through boundaries.

Now it's time to dig into the EASY TIPS you can use in every day situations when setting and maintaining your BOUNDARIES:

  • Surround yourself with supportive people who lift you up.

  • Sit down and REALLY ask yourself “What do I want my life to look like?”

  • Live on purpose. Live intentionally.

  • Ask yourself “What need (of the 6 needs we talked about earlier) am I meeting here and am I meeting that need in a healthy way or not?

When someone does attempt to violate your boundaries:

  1. Offer them an alternative

  2. You can empathize with them

  3. Blame something objective

  4. Blame something subjective

  5. Stick to your guns

Always be CLEAR with your boundaries or when saying NO. Don’t leave room for misinterpretation or confusion. Misleading tends to lead to more favors or pushing back of your boundaries. Always say NO ON THE SPOT. Don’t say “I need to think about it”. No you don’t. You know if you can or want to do whatever it is that’s being asked of you so just say so. You can always just say “I’m not interested, but thanks” for example to a pushy salesman. DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES!!

Don't Lie.

Don't be mean, just firm.

Avoid being passive aggressive.

Don't compromise your integrity to please others.


When do you KNOW you need to set boundaries?

Simple, If you’re resentful, angry, irritated, annoyed or avoiding someone, it’s most likely because you haven’t set boundaries in that relationship.

If you’re questioning your decisions, second guessing yourself, tolerating people or situations, you need boundaries.

Every relationship should contribute to your life not deplete it.

Every situation (even the ones we don’t always enjoy like house work) should leave us feeling appreci