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Why Not Having Boundaries Is Just Plain Dumb Pt.#2 #006

Searching for success and happiness?

Today’s podcast episode is part #2 in our series on Better Boundaries For a Better Life.

The most compassionate, empathetic and generous people in the world have the strongest boundaries. They have to, and they know it.

So here is the BIG scary question you need to ask yourself as a people pleaser: What would happen if you just stopped saying yes to everyone?

What if you made your needs and goals more of a priority in YOUR life?

When you look at your life NOW, are you pleased with how it has turned out so far or filled with regret, even resentment and pain?

Does it piss you off to think of all the things that you do for others, be it strangers or people close to you, only to be pushed aside when it’s time to reciprocate the favor? I know it did me for years.

If you’re like I was, you’re torn between wanting to be accepted, loved, liked, cared for and needed and being a person in your own right.

Making your own choices without fear, or GUILT. You struggle with yourself on a daily basis with the simple task of saying “NO”.

It sure doesn’t feel simple, but it really is once you fully understand why and how.

This is one of the biggest reasons to start now. If you want to take back control of your OWN life, you need to start by setting boundaries and getting real with yourself.

The hardest part of this journey is the first step. Once you do that, you’re well on your way.

Now that we've covered why you say yes all the time in episode #1, between your personality type, your needs, and your fears,

It's time to dig into the 7 REASONS why not having BOUNDARIES is just plain DUMB:

  • You’ll NEVER earn someone's respect without boundaries. Why would they respect you when they can take advantage of you or take you for granted?

  • If you’re spending time and energy on pleasing others or doing for others, you’re taking away time and energy from doing what you really want or need in your own life.

  • You can NOT be compassionate without boundaries. People will take advantage of you.

  • You can NOT be generous without boundaries.

  • You can NOT be empathetic without boundaries.

  • You can NOT be vulnerable without boundaries. People would violate your trust.

  • You have no control over your time or your energy without boundaries.

Setting boundaries is not about building walls, or fake fences, or shutting people out, or even separation, division or selfishness.