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Why You Do The Shit You Do. #002

Harsh truth alert: The journey to Taking Back Your Life begins with introspection. Understanding you.

What makes you tick?

What pisses you off? What motivates you?

What scares you? What inspires you?

Why you’ve made the choices you’ve made in your life.

Why you are where you are.

Why your relationships are great, or why they suck.

Why you have the job or the business you have.

Whether or not you’re happy, and why.

Every little nook and cranny in your life boils down to 6 things.

And these 6 things, the same 6 things every human being has, are called


Do you ever feel like you react to your life more than you're proactive?

Like you're on auto-pilot?

Like you’re always putting out fires in your life?

If you struggle with anxiety, boundaries, money management, poor relationships, weight loss, or any other big problem out there. Are there not a million resources, books, classes, coaches, mentors, teachers, medications, programs or even videos that can and would help you make some progress and at the least reduce the problem?

YES! There are.

And yet, you, me and millions upon millions of us still hang on to our “problem” or “problems” because they serve us. They meet our needs. And giving up that “problem” would mean we would have to find new ways to meet those needs.

That's why I put together this podcast episode. To help you get some understanding of you and your needs. To help you understand why you do the shit you do(or don't do).

If you're anything like me, when I first learned of these needs and started putting the pieces together as to how I had been living my life (meeting my needs) in ways that took me further and further away from what I truly wanted my life to look like, it made me angry.

But the good news is when you get a solid understanding of you and the people you love, life makes so much more sense.

You'll be in a position of power to start meeting those needs in ways that move you towards your goals and a life you can get excited about instead of feeling like you're just going through the motions.

On this episode I dig into the question:

What are the 6 HUMAN NEEDS and how do they play out in your life?

  • Maybe you stay in crappy relationships longer than you'd like to.

  • Maybe you procrastinate or make excuses.

  • Maybe you steer clear of crowds and busy places.

  • Maybe you prefer being the center of attention.

  • Maybe you love trying new things.

  • Maybe you prefer routine and predictability.

  • Maybe you love/hate lear