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7 Pillars To Success And Happiness #001

So many people struggle to meet their goals without stressing out horribly or just getting frustrated and throwing in the towel.

They get distracted, disenfranchised, discouraged, and derailed.

You’ve probably done this too. I know I certainly have.

We set a goal, get really excited about it. We even tell people all about it. We come up with a great plan to how to reach that goal and push hard for about, oh, a week.

Then, before you know it, ooh shiny. Or SQUIRREL! Or someone says or does something that makes us think “hmm maybe this is a dumb idea.”

And BLAM! Our goal is dropped or at best pushed aside.

How many times has this happened to you?

You set a goal to lose some weight or get your finances in order, or organize your closet or even bigger goals like start a business or run a marathon or buy a home. Only to find yourself six months later with a cluttered closet, 20lbs overweight, working at a crap job and still driving by your dream home and no closer to actually seeing your goals or dreams come to fruition?

(By the way, I'm over here raising my hand.)

Then we find ourselves justifying the ball drop so we don’t feel so bad.

“Well, it was bad timing” or “I am just so busy” or “no one supported me” or even the infamous “I TRIED”.

I call bullshit.

The reason we don’t reach our goal is because we don’t have a system in place that ensures it is reached.

We make tentative plans rather than following a proven a recipe for success.

Have you ever done that?

Have you set a goal, ran like hell for a heartbeat and then erch, detour?

Me too my friend.

And it feels like crap, right? Every time we do, it reaffirms the negative chatter that told us not to do it in the first place. Setting us even further back from a position of confidence and power over our own lives.

So why do we keep doing it?

We're expected to just inherently know how successful people set and reach their goals. And asking for help or guidance makes us feel like we don't have a handle on our own lives.

That's why I decided to do this podcast episode all around this often painful subject. To help you finally get some clarity around the goal setting and achieving process.

To help you reach your goals reliably.

I have designed a system, a recipe, that if you follow it to the T, it will help you do just that.