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Why should you read this book?

How the Left has hijacked America and how Conservative Women will play a historic role in taking it back. 


Liberals Have Underestimated

Conservative Women Long enough. 


Conservative women are pissed off at how our nation is being fecklessly and intentionally run towards a progressive/Marxist globalism agenda. An agenda that has infected America from top to bottom, for which there is no vaccine. 

There is no “one-off” cure. We will have to dig our way out of this mess. And it will require the sideline-sitting cowardly Democrats to pony up some courage and conviction or get out of our way. 


The Left means to end our religion and our traditions. They intend to erase our history and eliminate our rights. They want America completely re-imagined and without our voices as conservatives. And it will take more than niceties and platitudes to Take Back America and rid us of the progressive disease. 

The bottom line is Conservative Women have stayed quiet and played nice long enough. Our power has been underutilized. And it’s high time the Left finds out just what Conservative Women Know, and what that means.


America is in serious trouble and conservative women know it. We are fully aware of what the progressive movement has done to America in the last hundred years under the guise of empathy, compassion, and fairness. But what you may not be aware of, if you aren’t hip-deep into news and politics from non-traditional news sources that aren’t bought and paid for by political parties, is that the progressive movement is not new. It didn’t just pop up under Obama. And it is overtaking our country at every turn.


Conservative women know that the Democrats’ plan that includes Globalism, Socialism, and The Great Reset has nothing to do with the betterment of our country or its people. Their agenda is about power. And they are using diversity, equity, and inclusion as their weapon.


Conservative women are proud of the fact that it’s been America that has often come to the world’s aid in their time of need. We are proud to be a nation of immigrants and dreamers. But it’s time for America to come first and to heal herself from the damage caused from within before it’s too late. And Conservative Women are more than up to the challenge.

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